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How To Breed Parrots?

Breeding Parrots

Parrots can be an exciting source of entertainment and they can be a companion to you. Many people also consider breeding parrots. Raising parrots require experience where you have to learn about it. Parrots are tricky and breeding them can be complicated if you don’t have the knowledge how. Breeding parrots require a fully research and understanding the process how to breed.
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How to start breeding parrots?

breeding parrots. raising parrotsChoose a large area for breeding your pair of parrots. If you want to be a more successful breeder the birds that are comfortable and have enough room to move around are the ones that can give you the most success for breeding. Feeding your pair of parrots with a highly nutritious diet is the next step. This makes them healthier in which their babies will be healthier. Start some weeks before starting the breeding process, supply them vitamin supplements and keep them on a varied diet. Feed them to get enough calcium to produce eggs, like giving them almonds. Supply an enough large box to house comfortably your birds which will be their nest.  About one third of it should be full with bedding. The cage should be in an accessible place for both you and the parrots. Let  the parrots live together and they will breed when they are ready. Leave the parrots to nest the eggs after they’ve been laid. You won’t need to artificially incubate them as the parrots continue to care for their eggs. Check frequently after they’ve hatched. The parents should supply the food and the chicks should look healthier and be growing. If you see that the chicks are not healthy or the parents do not feed them, remove them from the nest and hand feed them. Selecting always a healthy pair of parrots for breeding is the clue. Learn the steps and get advice from people who got experience. Get help from professionals. Never breed parrots with underlying issues like sick parrots or who pluck their feathers.

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