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Some Important Things to Know About Koi Farming

How to run a Koi farm Business

Koi farming is an interesting venture but it can get really challenging due to the fact that koi fish can grow to considerably big size. When you venture into koi farming, it’s pivotal you carefully select the highest breeding quality, in order to get good qualities of koi offspring. This is in terms of patterns and coloration on the offspring to be gotten from the selected breeding parents. After careful selection you should ensure that you maintain the bloodline pure in order to keep getting good quality koi fish generations.

how to launch a koi businessWhen choosing the parents for breeding purposes, caution should be taken not to take too old parents. The best aged females for breeding is between the age of 4-5yrs. This is evidenced by the fact that young females lay eggs having quite thin shells that may not survive, while older females produce eggs with relatively hard shells which may actually prevent sperms from penetrating them hence no fertilization may take place.

After selecting a breeding couple, they should be separated from the rest of the fish for not less than a month. During this time they should be well fed to facilitate them getting into spawning mode. It’s recommended that the breeding fishes be placed in a pair but you could also put two males to one female for optimal breeding. However exceeding two males usually makes the males very agitated even to the extent of hurting the female.

The best time of the year for breeding would be during the full moon as it helps the fish to spawn. For breeding in pools that are outdoors, the best time for breeding would be when there is minimal deviation in temperatures in different times of the day. When it comes to selecting the materials for decorating the aquarium, it’s recommended you use natural material like water hyacinths, instead of the synthetic alternatives that are available. Cautions should however be taken since water hyacinths might have parasites which ought to be removed before putting them in the ponds.

A suitable koi tank should have a round shape and about 3,800L of fresh water which has no chlore. And there should be sufficient aeration using very strong pumps, care should be taken though not to have a strong current or splashing waterfall effect as it could have a negative effect on the spawning process. During the breeding process, the male pushes the female next to the walls of the pond, and in the event two males are used. They will push the female side to side which could get out of hand. A careful watch should be observed to ensure that the female is not hurt in the process as it may necessitate it being rescued from the males.

After spawning the parents may eat the eggs or the fry so the male and the female should be move to different tanks but not kept together. This is because the female will still smell like spawning for the next 24hrs and the males will want to keep spawning with her if kept in the same tank. Often this leads to the males hurting the female. The fry can be able to survive on their yolk sack on their first day and for the next 3 months, they will need to be fed 4-5 times. As the fry grow you will have to raise them in separate ponds to avoid the crowding effect.

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