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The Process of Breeding Koi Explained

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Koi fish is actually a fish that is considered to be having a very high economic value. Breeding koi fishes on the other hand is one of the most highly technical processes which particularly require proper efficiency. The healthy parents are responsible for the health of the best quality off springs. Thus the breeding techniques need to be properly maintained while getting the job done properly done. Following are some of the techniques for properly breeding the koi fishes under every circumstance.

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1. The very first thing to do is to select the parent koi. The proper selection would result into the breeding of the best quality koi that one is looking for. The quality someone wants in the baby koi must be the quality of the parent koi and the parents must be selected accordingly. Thus depending on the type of the parent koi the expected child koi would be thereafter breeded .

2. Preparing the spawning environment is the next most important thing to do. The male and the female parent koi must be taken to a isolated part of the pond and the other koi fishes are supposed to be allowed there. The spawning pond should not be much big because the other koi fishes must not be there for the best results.

3. The age is considered to be a very vital thing. The parent koi fishes must not be too aged because the aged koi fish eggs are found to be hard shelled. Thus four to five years is considered to be the best for breeding.

4. A maximum of two male fishes are allowed in the spawning pond. Once the pregnant koi starts showing her readiness towards spawning by arranging the materials towards the proper nest, the male fishes attacks the female fish. Thereafter thrashing of the males with the female fish makes the eggs to get released in the spawning material. Along with these the male sperms get released which in turn sticks with the sticky eggs and thereafter enable fertilization of the eggs.

5. Isolating the eggs after being fertilized is considered to be the best option because the eggs being very delicate are very much prior to get damaged by the other fishes and life present under water. Therefore isolating the eggs immediately ends up being necessary.

6. Taking care of the larvae is another very important thing to do once the eggs get hatched. The larvae are needed to be taken care of properly and at the same time must be kept away from pollution and should be fed properly with naturally available food.

7. Lastly the most important thing to take care of is the temperature. The temperature of the pond and the other water places where the new born koi are kept must be of optimum temperature so that the eggs or the larvae don’t get damaged in any way.
Thus these were some of the very important steps or rather techniques for breeding koi fishes properly. Breeding itself being a very technical method to start for in the very first place, require some expertise which is itself a part of the entire process.

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